Tiny Creatures - Puzzle Base!

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WARNING: THIS IS A PSD FILE!! I do not issue refunds for bases, so please make sure PSD files work on your art program. I'm not responsible if it doesn't as I've warned this many times. This base does not include transparent pngs! There are a few different files that come when purchasing this base to ensure every user can open the files:

  • HQ Main file PSD - This is the Main file for the base that includes all the different heads, bodies, and eyes!
  • HQ Ears + Fur PSD - This is the file for the base that includes all the different ear and fur options!
  • HQ Tails + Horns PSD - This is the file for the base that includes all the different tail and ear options!
  • HQ Split PSD FILES - I've included the base completely split up by group so the file sizes are smaller, which makes it able to open if your drawing program doesn't have much space! It's a bit more annoying, since the base is completely split up, but it's helpful for those that need it.

All the designs above have been designed by 5 lovely and incredible artists!! The designs NOT included with the purchase of this base, they are simply just examples. The artists are credited on the image above with their watermarks, and you can also find each of their links below! Go give each of them some support for their lovely work! Thank you once again to each of you who helped make examples and test this base, it means the world to me! (Click on the names to find their sites!)

🌿 Tiynx
🦈 KaijuButsu
🌈 L0st_m0untain
🍒 Trash.man
🖍️ Thatfuzzymonster


  • This base does NOT come with hair or accessory options!
  • This base comes with the brush I made and used to allow you all to draw your own additions to the base and still have it match the linework! This way you can add your own hair, accessories, details, etc.
  • The brush only works with procreate sadly! I'm unsure how to make it a file that works with other programs at the moment. I'm not sure it's possible, but if I do figure it out, I'll be updating this and adding the new brush files! The brush is basically just a circle Jitter brush if that helps for now!
  • This base requires erasing, merging layers, and mix-n-matching layers from 3 different psd files!

➡️When buying this base, you receive my Tiny Creatures Base which comes with several different head, body, eye, ear, fur, tail, and horn options that you can mix-n-match. Be warned that this base does require you to erase linework, merge layers, use 3 different psd files, etc. as you put together the different options! The base is organized in groups for your convenience, and is easy to navigate!

🌿You may use this base for:🌿

-Personal work (Refs, character art, etc.)

and more! So long as I receive credit each time you use the base, and you follow the TOS below.

failure to read these terms and follow them result in a public backlist and beware.

  • You are prohibited to distribute any of my bases for free or for payment. Do not share the file/lines from this base with friends, groups, discords, or anyone else. If anyone is interested in buying this base, send them a link to my bases so they can pay. If you notice someone distributing my base for free or for sale other than me, please let me know! My bases, and artwork in general, is prohibited for being sold as NFT's. If you see any of my work being sold as an NFT, please let me know!
  • You may not use this base for for anything discriminatory, appropriative, or hateful towards any group of people! This goes for all of my bases and anything I create.
  • Do not buy this base for someone else and send them the file. Otherwise, buying this base for someone else is a form of distribution since you both now have the file. If you want to gift this to someone, please just send them the money to pay for it themselves or use the "gift to someone" option when buying this base.
  • Please credit me in any and all posts you make with this base! Feel free to tag me so I can see!
  • You may change or edit the lineart however you'd like as long as you credit me for the the base itself.
  • This product is a PSD file and comes with multiple file options. This base should work with any program that is able to open PSD files. It is your responsibility to check and see if PSD files work with your art program. I am unable to save each individual layer as a transparent PNG file, so please don't ask!
  • I do NOT allow refunds on my bases! So please make sure PSD files work with your program and that you're sure you want this base. Please do not purchase with someone else's card or money!
  • By purchasing this base, you are acknowledging that you read and agree to these rules above.
  • If you have any questions, please send an email to "Honeybeest.studio@gmail.com".
  • Do NOT put this base on physical merch of any kind, even after you've colored it yourself! You are only allowed to do this if the physical item is for you and you alone, not to distribute for free or for money. This includes shirts, stickers, bags, phone cases, etc.

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You'll receive the 3 full HQ psd files, the brush I made and used for this base, and 9 separate files of the base completely split apart!

HQ Main file size:
7.6 MB
HQ Ear + Fur file size:
6.5 MB
HQ Tail + Horn file size:
4.8 MB
Jittery Doodle Brush (procreate only) size:
215.5 KB
HQ Split file - Heads:
2.2 MB
HQ Split file - Bodies 1:
3.7 MB
HQ Split file - Bodies 2:
3.4 MB
HQ Split file - Eyes:
1.3 MB
HQ Split file - Ears 1:
3.3 MB
HQ Split file - Ears 2:
3.6 MB
HQ Split file - Fur:
2.6 MB
HQ Split file - Tails:
4.2 MB
HQ Split file - Horns:
2.0 MB


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Tiny Creatures - Puzzle Base!

26 ratings
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